Starting from a series of ups and downs, I’ve lately been to my prime of Life. Making my acting career debut in “Muktodhara” and a few other Bengali films, I formed communities and groups like the Kolkata Facility Management, an initiative to clean and offer services; and the Kolahal Theatre Workshop for people enacting out dramas to allow them rediscover their work of Art. The goal was primarily to take the socially stigmatized people together and give them a chance for betterment of their lives.
Being a social worker, I feel living for the cause of nation and its population can serve the best reason to be humble in this world.




He has formed his own company called “Kolkata Facility Management Pvt. Ltd.” where he appoints ex-prisoners to let them start normal lives. As a CSR program of the same business, Akkara has formed “Kolahol Theatre Workshop”.

Kolahal Theatre Workshop

As a non-profit organization , we always strive for our mission with a modern vision and we hope more people can contribute to our activities , The whole idea started with rehabilitation of ex-prisoners from the year 2010.

Kolkata Facility Management

Waste Management, Skill Development & Meditation Programs, Security Services, Business Research & Corporate Social Responsibility Mechanisms, Gardening Services and many more in Kolkata.



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