Philosophers always give importance to a new beginning. Many of us stumble and fumble at some point in life because of so many reasons. We feel broken and not only broken but shattered. The bad news is, nobody can put us together. The good news is, we can put ourselves together. Therefore, it is important for everyone to start a new day and a new beginning.


When to start the good work? If this question is yours, then my answer is ‘now’. Our condition pulls us back from rising. However, we can do it easily by following a few simple steps.

1 Bring changes to your habits. If you feel lethargic, then you have to build a super morning routine for yourself. Wake up early. Exercise your heart out. Eat a solid breakfast and kick start your day.

2 Write down your strengths on a piece of paper. Remember your weaknesses but don’t hold them. Work on your strengths to make them stronger than ever.

3 Read motivational quotes. Listen to motivational audio stories or podcasts. You can also read the real-life stories of people who became legends from ordinary.

4 Create something. No matter how low you rate your creative skill but still, you must create. This will give you a sense of being a master of your own.

5 Develop a daily to-do list. Follow it. Maintain it. You should engage yourself in productive activities. It will add value to your daily life.

6 Be kind to others. Before you speak to anybody, think and then deliver. Your words should not carry anger or hatred.

And last but not the least, be positive, spread positivity. The world is yours. Set examples. Be an example.

Everyone’s life has a new day and a new beginning


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