Men Also Need Skin Care. Are You Aware?

Men Also Need Skin Care. Are You Aware?

Who says only women have issues with skin? We, men also Have all the rights to take care of our skin. After all it the element that people notice while noticing us. Being an actor, I am always on the run to look good and fit. Here is my minimalistic skin care routine I’m sharing with you. women

Drink a lot of water

It sounds cliche but water is what keeps skin under great treatment from inside. Water actually cleanses toxin of our body and hydrate it at the same time. According to your age and weather condition you live in, you need to intake a suitable amount of water regularly.

Exercise regularly

Yes, exercising is wonderful method to keep skin healthy. Regular body activity regulates our blood flow. Hence, skin becomes healthy and radiating.

Eat fresh fruits

I am an avid fruit lover. First of all, they are tasty and they also offer a lot of benefits. Tasty and juicy fruits contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that are good for skin. Internally, they help our skin to get the glow it deserves.

Put on Sunscreen

If you are a person staying in a country where summers are scorching, then you have to be friends with sunscreen. Whenever you get out of your home, don’t forget to apply it properly.

Avoid junk food

I know you love to indulge in the heavenly tastes of junk food. But unfortunately, they contain excess oil and spices that are harmful of our skin. So, try to cut it off as much as possible.

These are some of the steps that I follow to keep my skin healthy and fit. Hope, you will also get impressive results following them. Write me back if you also have your own skin care regime.

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