Reasons I Stay Positive and Ask Others to Stay the Same

Reasons I Stay Positive and Ask Others to Stay the Same

You know me as an actor, performer, biking enthusiast and a businessman. Yes, I play a lot of roles everyday. However, you also know my past and how I dealt with it.

The reason I overcame my past and started a new journey altogether, is my positivity. There were days thay didn’t show me any hope. But I never lost it.

I feel that it was my positive mind and my trust on the almighty that made me who I am today. As the days passed by, my inner self made me realise that if I look forward to a new beginning, the universe will give me the scopes.

Not only for me but the reasons of positive thinking and its results are applicable for all. Once you start taking care of yourself and change the patterns of thinking, the whole scene will change with magical effects.

It is us who need to be changed to see positive changes around us. All our behavioral changes and change in actual attitude can create superb results.

Here are some simple tips for you to bring change to your lifestyle.

  1. No matter what situation made you feel weak, remember that you are stronger than that.
  2. Start taking care of yourself in the best way possible. Remember, self care is not being selfish.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. Their vibe will make you feel better.
  4. Watch motivational videos. The videos will inspire to do what you are willing to do.
  5. Do not procastinate. Set small goals and achieve them one by one. The small achievements will give you reasons to celebrate.

Keep it in mind, the one who can make you actually happy is you. Be your director and believe in God. Believe, that the best days are knocking at your door.

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  • Excellent… Post and thought… 😊

    Chaitali Das
  • It’s really good to see you talking about positive attitude and mental health of people. Being a psychologist it becomes a challenge for me and other practitioners in my field to make people understand about the importance of taking care of themselves. If social workers, activists, actors, singers, players everybody start working together in promoting positivity and start working to put an end to the stigma related with mental health, will be easier for all of us to lead a good life. At the end of the day, we all are human beings after all.

    Nairita Ghosh
  • You are absolutely right but there is a little bit in my mind, though I have no doubt that whatever we actually achieve in our life may it very small or big our own efforts are the ultimate that works, tilll my question is that is it not essential to have one Alakananda Roy or One Sjiboprosad Sir or One Nandita mam? In my life I am suffering and struggling continuesly from more than two decades, I am fighting also without givjng up for a moment but never get anyone by my side in any way and may that is the story of maximum ordinary people.
    Stay blessed Nigel for ever.

    Amrita Banerjee

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