The Morning Routine That I Follow, Which You Can Follow Too

The Morning Routine That I Follow, Which You Can Follow Too

Being an actor, I am always busy with several projects. The projects ask the best of me, and to deliver the same I do not do much. Yes, it’s surprising but true! I just follow a disciplined lifestyle. I sort my mornings with some positive habits and make my day shine. Let me share those habits with you which you can also follow.

Wake Up Early

They say the early bird gets the worm and I am the earliest. I wake up before 6 AM and go out of my room to feel the soft sun. Then I drink a tall glass of water to hydrate myself.


As I am a fitness freak, I believe in exercising in the morning. It makes me feel good and accomplished. Exercising is one of my expressions of self-love as well.


After sweating myself through rigorous body training, I take a power shower. For me, cold showers work the best throughout a year. I do not use soaps as they contain harsh chemicals. Shower gel works great. Every two days, I shampoo and condition my hair.

Morning Prayer

Mornings are the first steps of our day. I feel grateful every morning for being alive, for having scopes of work gifted by the universe. After putting on fresh clothes, I meditate and pray. This ritual makes me feel blessed and keeps me spiritually connected with the universe.


I have a rich breakfast every day. This energizes me to jump-start my day. No matter what, I can never think of missing my nutritious breakfast.

This is the morning routine that I generally follow. When I go for an outdoor shoot this routine does get a chance to change. But otherwise, I religiously stick to it.

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  • Really so simple but healthy lifestyle.Stay Blessed…with respect and love.

    Banani Roy
  • Hi NIgel …. pragati here. Thanks for d post …. I seriously great fan f urs … D diet plan u r following it’s awesome….I really appreciate dat but seriously …dint get so much time as we had to rush for ofc early morning ….. newaz try to follow ur diet plan….hope we’ll meet once I will be at Kolkata. …. Best wishes … cre…..would I expect a reply……!!!!!chill I Kno u r bzbuddy……bye …..

    Pragati Ghosal
  • Excellent advise.

    Pravin Balakrishnan
  • Thanks for sharing…


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