Are you one of them who try to figure out things to do on weekend alone? then this blog will help you get some cool ideas

Sometimes I feel that we are moving in a Ferris wheel every day, from morning to night due to our stressful job schedule. We have bound ourselves in this survival process, such a way, that there is hardly any room for joy, laughter, and compassion.

# 1 Start a new painting with lots of colors

Painting always works as a stress reliever for each individual. Also if it’s one of your hobbies you might already know that, how playing with various colors actually rejuvenates your inner self. Start with some very simple coloring act or make a simple sketch whatever you like.

# 2 Go for a walk in your nearby playground

If you are a city dweller you might have forgotten the greenery of this world. This weekend has a solo trip to your nearby grassland or park or an open playground. Walk on the grass barefoot.

# 3 Watch the sunrise or sunset

If you want to do great things on a weekend alone, you should make a plan on the day before the weekend to go for a sunrise view from your nearby ground or riverbank. Wake up early in the morning and have a walk to your planned place to start your day with an awesome view of sunrise.

# 4 Go for a long drive with no thoughts in mind

If you own a car you can go for a long drive to some unexplored places all alone. You will need a thoughtless mind, music, and eyes to see the beauty of Mother Nature. Do something which you may not have done after you have grown up. Lay down beneath the tree, so some phishing, feed a cow with some straw, play with the unknown children, and donate something to the needy one.

# 5 Gaze at the stars in the evening

Can you remember your childhood days, when you usually spent a lot of time figuring out the proper way to count the stars? Now once you became all alone you can relive those moments with a thin smile on your face. Just gaze at the twinkling stars in a remote area, where no dust or smoke blurs your vision.

# 6 Have some experiments in your kitchen

Maybe once you have opted to become a good chef as you have a good and passionate taste of food, but somehow it won’t happen due to your profession. Being alone is a good time to give yourself a great chance to live your dream with some unexplored recipes. You can actually do some experiments in your kitchen, which none would criticize.

# 7 Teach yourself to meditate

In this stressful riddle of life, you should

Know how to manage your inner well-being. Otherwise, you would always find yourself in a situation that is not really under your control. You would actually grab some disease if you can’t ease yourself on your own. Yoga, as well as meditation, is the best way to unwrap your inner self, to stop your monkey mind, to experience some real restfulness within you.

# 8 Rearrange (or clean) your home

Due to a tight job schedule, our nuclear family faces a lot of problems, one of those is lots of places in our home need our attention at the weekend. Once you are alone you can actually spend some time cleaning your sweet home. It will give you really a feeling of relaxation and refresh your mind.

# 9 Complete that project which you put on hold.

Many times it happens that, you have started some work with great enthusiasm, but due to some unwanted urgency you had to let that job be undone. Throughout the week you have suffered for the incompleteness of that project, within.

# 10 Go shopping.

After a stressful week at your workplace, you would really feel refreshed if you go shopping alone. Shopping with a partner or friends may not give you that beat feeling which you would get if you spend your shopping time alone. Therefore, these are the top 10 things to do on weekend alone.

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