Why Morning Routine is Important and How to Make One?

Why Morning Routine is Important and How to Make One?

There is a proverb, “Morning shows the day” and I believe in it. I feel, if I start my morning with positive notes, then the whole day will follow the positive aura for sure.

However, positive notes do not come to us but we need to bring them to our mornings. But how? Let’s discuss.

Wake up early and thank God for offering you a brand new day full of great opportunities.

Drink a tall glass of water and hit the washroom to get rid of the morning congestion.

Now ease up your body by doing some free hand exercise.

If you have plants, then water them. If you have pets, feed them and don’t forget to cuddle them a little. This will bring you a lot of happiness instantly.

Now, make your bed, have a cup of tea or coffee and chalk out what you need to do in the whole day.

Once you are done, have your breakfast and make sure it is healthy.

Hit the washroom again. Have a power shower and you will feel pumped up with a lot of energy to dive into the day.

Because of my tight shooting schedule, sometimes I fail to follow the morning routine that I mentioned above. But when I’m at home like just another guy, I always get great result following it.

Morning routines are nothing but steps that make an individual disciplined and composed to lead a life properly. Send me your thoughts on it. I will be waiting for your reply.]



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