Winter of Old Days, Memories, and More

Winter of Old Days, Memories, and More

We used to wait for winter because of the treats the season still offers. This is the time when we used to wear our colorful sweaters and jackets. I used to have fresh oranges as a regular staple then.

There was a time when even the weather used to be kind to us. These days, our city starts feeling the chill from the mid of November. But when me and my friends were kids or pretty young, Kolkata used get cold in the mid of December and it was never that shivering cold.

But the most interesting events were the picnics. Picnics always excite me. In winter, I was a constant part of family picnics. My friends were also there to organize picnics frequently in the season. We never hired cooks but it was fun to cook in the picnics. Our own menu and our own effort, this is what always made us intrigued towards the whole idea of feast.

It was not only picnics but even the mere weekends used to excite us. With my dear ones, I used to go to the prime tourist locations of the city such as the zoo, Victoria memorial, planetarium and many more. Book fair was also something that I used to wait for.

Now, life is busier than ever. Winter chills bring shivering cold to the city but I never feel the warmth of human interaction that much all the time. Maybe it is the digital era that has took over our winter excitements. Thank God, the memories are there with me.

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