Effects of Online Gaming

Effects of Online Gaming

Various studies show that excessive computer game play causes physical harm and increases anxiety and depression in players. Most people who participate in these games are unaware of the passage of time and may even forget to eat. It appears that establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between computer games and physical health, or, more broadly, a cause-and-effect relationship between computer game addiction and mental and physical health, is an oversimplification of the subject. There are numerous reasons for the link between computer game addiction and physical health, anxiety, and depression. Online Gaming

Online gaming in young people and children | Internet Matters

Positive Effects of Online Gaming

  • Improves Cognitive Functions – Playing online games can help online gamers improve their cognitive functions. The combination of focus and neurotransmitter surges will strengthen the neural circuits that comprise the brain.
  • Accuracy and decision-making – Online gamers can make quick decisions.
  • Hand and Eye Coordination – Online gamers will play their games with the utmost coordination of their hand and eyes. Every online game requires players to use their hand and eye coordination for the game to be successful.
  • Improve Teamwork – Multiplayer online games will improve teamwork among gamers. The gamers will use all of their skills to help their team win the game. The players will learn how to win a game as a group.

Negative Effects of the Online Gaming

  • Aggressive Behavior – The shooting games will induce bad vision in the gamers and the gamers see society in the same vision.
  • Loner – gamers who spend the majority of their time playing online games are unable to spend time with their friends and families. If the same thing happens again, they will want to be alone all the time.
  • Wrong Values – Certain online games teach players incorrect values. Women are portrayed as weaker and more sexually provocative characters in online games.
  • Impact on Health – Yes, gamers who play online games do not want to engage in activities that keep them fit and healthy.
  • Poor Academic Performance – Playing online games for an extended period will harm your child’s academic performance. The more time your children spend playing online games, the sooner they will fall asleep. Children who spend more time playing online games will struggle with concentration. Some children will become addicted to online games. Teenagers and students are more vulnerable to the negative effects of online gaming.



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