Ram Setu Bridge (Adam’s Bridge)

Ram Setu Bridge (Adam’s Bridge)

The Ram Setu bridge is a chain of natural mineral shoals. It is between Pamban Island or Rameswaram Island in Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The bridge has great significance. As per Hindu mythology and is mentioned in the Ramayana. The Structure has also intrigued scientists. Studies determine the age of the Ram Sethu bridge. The Ram Setu bridge is a chain of natural mineral shoals

Ram Setu Bridge Proven facts

  1. Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge is a structure akin to a causeway. It connects Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.
  2. The total length of the bridge is approximately 50 km. Adam’s Bridge also separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. The sea around this structure is very shallow, ranging from three ft to 30 ft deep.
  3. According to several scientific reports, the bridge was entirely above sea level. It was passable on foot until the channel deepened.
  4. Geological evidence proves that the bridge was earlier a land connection between India and Sri Lanka.
  5. As the seawater near the coral reef is very shallow, navigation of ships is impossible, because of which ships have to take roundabout routes, to reach Sri Lanka.
  6. The Sethusamudram Project was proposed. To provide a shortcut route, from Pamban Island to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. However, environmentalists say that the project could destroy the natural reefs, which had existed for thousands of years.
  7. Oceanography research suggests that the bridge is 7,000 years old. This tallies with the carbon dating of beaches near Mannar Island and Dhanushkodi.
ASI approves research on how and when Ram Setu was formed

Ram Setu Bridge Mythological significance

Ram Setu was first mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana, a Hindu epic. For Lord Ram to reach Lanka to rescue his wife Sita. Apparently, Lord Rama prayed to the ocean. For a path from India to Lanka, so that he could go and rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the king of Lanka.



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