Why is It Good to Take New Year Resolution?

Why is It Good to Take New Year Resolution?

Resolution is nothing but taking decisions. But in this case, the decision gets strongly taken. Hence, people love to take New Year Resolutions and what I have observed that there are a few strong benefits of taking them.

  1. Every new year brings us new scopes and new time. The word ‘new’ itself carries the sense of freshness and positivity. Thus, those who take new year resolutions, feel positive energy to start new and great things.
  2. Resolutions that we take from the very beginning of a year, make us feel the urge to achieve greatness. After all, new beginnings are full of fun and energy.
  3. Resolutions are also promises that we do to ourselves. New year resolutions are not only about making promises but keeping them.
  4. Starting new projects are always parts of our new year resolutions. We apply all our fresh and energetic personalities achieve success. And, most of the time, it turns out to be fruitful.
  5. I have seen a wonderful thing in my life. I have seen people re-uniting with old friends and others who they have hurt or got hurt by them earlier. And it happens to those who take resolution to fix all the problems with each other.
    All I want to say is that New Year brings Us loads and loads of energy and mental strength to do a lot of things. You can make and keep promise to fall in love with yourself. You can promise to be stronger and more confident. And you can do everything possible to leave all the fuss behind to walk towards new lights. Happy New Year.




  • I will make sure that i love myself.
    I love to travel or i want to become a traveller. So my resolution is i travel all the eastern and north eastern part of India in this year. I suggest some off beat places for all the traveller.
    Thank you.
    Happy New Year.

    Rangoli Goswami

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