Youth, the Most Beautiful Stage of Life

Youth, the Most Beautiful Stage of Life

This journey must be highlighted and embraced because it is through this journey that individuals find out the great power that lies within themselves.

Youth years are years to embark on a journey of self-discovery.  Youth years are a time of discovery, the discovery of identity, and of purpose. We all have a purpose and we all have the power within ourselves to carry out that purpose . It is up to each and every one of us to discover the strength that lies within, to discover our talents, and explore them to their maximum potential.

We must embrace self-discovery because it is through self-discovery that our innermost dreams and desires begin to unravel . it is then that we begin to recognize the magnitude of the dreams that lie within and the limitless capacity they have. When we discover our dreams, we discover our passion, and we ignite a flame that will move us to action. When that flame is burning nothing will ever stop us.

But we need guidance from adult professionals throughout these young years. It is with the help of adult professionals that we are able to find our voice, our purpose and discover our talents. With the opportunities given to us we are able to discover our skills and what drives us as human beings.

So yes, youth, let’s speak up for what we believe and act upon what moves us. Let’s also cherish the wisdom that adults have and the greatness in being a guide through this journey. We can not only learn from them about the world around us but about our own selves too.

Our generation is so great and we need to know it, believe it, and embrace it. All the new technological advances allow for new ways to innovate and create social good. Younger generations should have an opportunity to bring new and fresh perspectives to the table. However, older generations must pass down their knowledge by guiding this new generation. Generations must work together today to create a better tomorrow.

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