Are You a Regular Local train Passenger? These Tips May Help You

Are You a Regular Local train Passenger? These Tips May Help You

I am blessed to have you all as my followers and fans. You guys keep me motivated and full of your love. This is why I write blogs that may help you in some way. Today I am penning this blog containing a few tips that may help my fans who travel by train every day.

The local train service has restarted and it is going well with all till now. I have observed that the local trains are still not getting its old crowd as many offices in the city are still allowing their employees to work from home.  However, Covid-19 is still here. That is why, those who are traveling by train, must keep a few things in mind to avoid the attack of the Novel Coronavirus.

Start Early

Already the passenger count in trains is lesser than ever these days. But, if you want to avoid that little crowd as well, then you must start early for your destination. Early morning trains get lesser people and I’m sure you know that.

Sit Accordingly

The Indian railway authority has marked its sitting arrangement in a manner to prevent crowd. Now the train sits are marked to make sure where to sit and where not to sit. You are suggested to follow the new sitting rule. It will certainly reduce the risk of getting affected by the Coronavirus.

Wear Mask and Carry Sanitizer

I know it will sound clichéd o you, but it’s just a gentle reminder for you, wear your mask properly and use sanitizer now and then.  Do not touch the train sits and areas that get touched by passengers frequently.

Stay fit and stay happy, always.

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