Second Chances

Second Chances

I am quite aware of my reputation in the society and the industry as a whole.

Here’s the first truth about second chances: They rarely happen by chance. The first one is often just concentrated pure luck, but first chances are notorious for fizzling out, derailing. This is why it is important to know that just pure luck would not cut it in life.

It is no secret that I have a dark past. I found my passion, my flicker of hope, in the correctional home under the dance-drama coach Alakananda Roy, while taking part in a dance workshop. I discovered that Acting is what my soul desired. Needless to say, there I got my second chance.

I learnt the hard way of how life works so that gives me motivation as an awareness provider of “Theatre Therapy” myself, I want to help those people, overcoming the fear of getting stigmatize by the society, who wish to start a new life leaving their dark past behind.

I started my company Kolkata Facility Management Pvt. Ltd where I appoint ex-prisoners to let them start normal lives. As a CSR program of the same business, my another company Kolahol Theatre Workshop provides everyone the scope in the way I got help to overcome my own drawbacks.  This workshop is the platform where I hope to bring socially stigmatized people and train them through Theatre therapy to turn them into trained stage actors.

Above all, I am quite proud to announce that we already produced three dramas successfully. We offered scopes to the transgender people belonging to LGBT community, sex workers and drug addicts.

Life, surely, knocks us down, not just once but multiple times through various ways but I have learnt it from my own experience that one failure doesn’t mean the end of our lives nor the judgement of our morals or character but it is a part of our journey. As human beings, we are bound to make mistakes but whether we learn and change is what matters. It helps us grow and become a better version of ourselves.

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