The Fight with Corona Virus is Not Over Yet

The Fight with Corona Virus is Not Over Yet

The unlock phase has started long back. Shops, theatres, railway platforms, airports, restaurants, shopping malls and other utility areas got opened where one can expect a lot of footfall everyday.

But it doesn’t mean Corona virus is not here. The virus is taking its toll still now. It is good to see that people are less panicky now but it is also unfortunate to notice that a lot of people have become reluctant.

There are a lot of ignorant people I see in my surrounding who don’t wear face masks properly. Some people don’t even wear them. They fail to understand that they are actually summoning the virus to them this way.

Then comes the hand washing part. Observing random people on the roads and common areas, all I can say is that may be people have forgotten that a few months back also, administrative people were patroling the streets to keep people inside their homes.

However, I do see youngsters carrying sanitizers with them. I find them applying sanitizer on their palms often.

Restaurants and shopping mall authorities in this city are also strict in this regard. They always make sure to check body temperature of the customers and offering them sanitizer  before letting them enter restaurants, malls and supermarkets.

And the other good news is, people who are responsible are still getting their homes, offices and surroundings sanitized time to time.

It is us who need to ensure our own safety. And it is our duty to remind others to stay safe for the sake of society.

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