Traveling in a Pandemic.

Traveling in a Pandemic.

It has been over a year since the whole world is in the grip by the novel coronavirus. Its grip of death is no shorter than the last Influenza outbreak in the year 1968. Ravaging the world, the virus has claimed almost two million human beings and still counting. India was in 4 months of complete lockdown in a desperate measure to save its people. But it is no doubt that around October the fear and panic evoked from the outbreak of the pandemic was considerably less. Huge losses have struck millions of people. Many lost their close ones and even own identity.

Hope of Positivity in New Year

In the New Year, everyone is hoping for a fresh start, a gleam of hope. Recently, due to the massive loss of economy due to lockdown and to safely return many stranded people to their hometown, has forced the government to restore public transportation and permit traveling.

Some would argue that this will cause more harm than good but on the other side, some people suggest that coronavirus does not pose a massive threat to human life as it did in its early outbreak. Which of the arguments stands valid is not up for discussion as it is a wonder, no matter what anyone opines, a third lockdown will cause the advent of more chaos and a complete crash of our country’s economy.

I have no choice but to travel frequently due to work purposes. With appropriate precautions and by God’s grace. I am quite safe and taking necessary precautions to safeguard myself from corona virus. Today, I would like to share some of the tips that seemed quite effective to beat the deadly virus.

  • Wearing masks
  • Using Sanitizer
  • Staying in a place with good Sanitization facilities and cleanliness
  • Avoiding Crowds.

The novel Coronavirus is new. Scientists are putting a constant effort to create a much-needed vaccine and hopefully, it will be a success very soon. Health officials are doing a marvelous job during these tough times. I’m quite aware of the struggles of the common people and the necessity to earn to survive their family. But I will suggest avoiding making non-essential travel to affected areas and stay away from public gatherings.

However, if the trip is essential or traveling to a low-risk location is conducted, maintaining all the necessary measures will be efficacious, and spreading of the virus can be avoided.

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