Boost Your Immunity Following 3 Easy Steps

Boost Your Immunity Following 3 Easy Steps

The pandemic situation is getting heavier on our society. People, who due to their professional requirement, go out everyday are prone to be attacked by the virus Covid-19 more than others. However, they can keep the virus at bay just by getting their immunity strong. Here are three tips I would like to suggest in this regard.

Sleep Well

I don’t understand why a lot of people love being night owls. A Human body needs to follow a proper sleep cycle to let it function suitably. This is why, a normal person needs to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep everyday. Sleep energizes body and mind and lets us get started for a brand new day.

Green Is Not Your Enemy

It does not really matter if you are a vegan or not. Add some greenery to your daily diet. Practice portion control and have spinach, green veggies and seeds etc. Have at least 100 grams of seasonal fruits a day. This will provide you with much needes vitamins and other essential elements.

Workout Each and Everyday

Due to lockdown, many of us are doing work from home. As a result, our mobility has reduced. Many of us are not walking for a decent time a day. But one needs to get their muscles charged up. To keep your body going, you must workout religiously for at least 20 minutes everyday. If you are not into workout that much, you can go for power walking in the morning or evening. Just follow the above mentioned steps and I bet you will feel the positive change within a few days.–during-exams

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