Do Not Ignore Dengue, It’s dangerous

Do Not Ignore Dengue, It’s dangerous

For the past 5 months, the whole world has got itself introduced to the pandemic. The Novel Corona Virus has taken up the charge of turning people’s lives as problematic as hell. And due to that reason, we are somehow ignoring a common but dangerous disease like Dengue. However, many people very easily ignore dengue. Do not ignore dengue, it’s dangerous

What is Dengue?

Dengue is a type of viral disease that matches the symptoms of the flu. The prime resource of Dengue is Aedes mosquito. It bites at daytime and spreads Dengue rapidly.

Symptoms of Dengue

As Dengue’s symptoms match with the symptoms of common flu, patients experience headaches at first. And then surfaces symptoms like vomiting, swollen glands, nausea, pain in muscles and joints, and fever one by one.

Preventive Measures

Since it is necessary to keep Dengue at bay, we need to practice a few habits. We must keep our surroundings clean and prevent water clogging as much as possible to prevent mosquito breeding. However, using mosquito repellent is the best idea in this regard. It is also important to use nets at bedtime.

Personal Care

People however should wear full sleeve dresses to lower skin exposure. Drinking enough water and consuming healthy food is also suggested. It is also important for people to consult a doctor once they experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

To ensure safety and distance from Dengue, people are also suggested to get their surroundings cleaned and sanitized by professional service providing companies. Kolkata Facility Management or KFM is one such company that can be contacted in this regard.
Stay safe and sound. After all, health is wealth.

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