How to Feel Good on the Pandemic Days

How to Feel Good on the Pandemic Days

It has been months that we followed lockdown. The whole state of West Bengal along with the country came to a halt because of the pandemic created by COVID 19 virus.
Fortunately, lockdown is partially over now. Transport is getting easier to be availed. I know you feel drained sometimes sitting at home for such a long time.
But now is the time to do something in terms of self-care to feel revived.

The salons are now open. You can dash off to get a fresh new haircut. I bet you would feel great to see your new avatar in the mirror. If you are a guy who has a beard, you can now shave it off to feel light and new, or else, you can trim it a bit at least, right?
Shopping malls are yet to be opened. But you can enjoy online shopping. You can order a few hobby items to enjoy your leisurely hours once you finish the tedious office schedule of yours.

Are you a book worm? If yes, then I’m sure you have a fair collection of books in your room. Just keep your phone away from your reach and bring out the book that you thought of reading on a lazy Sunday.
If you are a creative person who can shape up his imaginations then please find out a good wall at your home. Start painting doodles or any fun artwork of your choice on it. It will surely pump up your artful nature to come up with more such a masterpiece.
I hope my tips will be helpful to you. Follow these and share your feedback with me. I will be waiting.

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  • The positive stuff that you have penned down is like fresh air to breathe.
    Sometimes such motivational article make you get ready to take the circumstances with immense joy.
    Nigel.. You can spin the world on ur finger tip. I appreciate your kind gesture for the upliftment of poor mental condition during this pendamic 2020.
    You are an avtar or Deeva..
    An embodiment, an icon of positive vibes.
    Yes I look forward for more to come.. Just have a word Respect for you n work.
    No looking back plzz..
    It’s in #Bible “if you ask it will be given to you”.
    All the best!!

    Sapna chatterjee

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