Cinema Halls, fairy tales?

Cinema Halls, fairy tales?

The post lockdown period has finally arrived. Restaurants, shopping malls, and so many commercial spaces are getting prepared to be opened for customers. The only space that is keeping its fingers crossed to welcome all again is the cinema halls.

This time, let us not discriminate between multiplex and single-screen movie theatres as they both entertain us with our preferred movies.

Movie theatres are still closed. But that never stopped you from enjoying new releases right? OTT platforms made ways for movies. Your smartphones have let you enjoy the movie sitting in your comfort zone. You watched them at your preferred time.

But did you get the feel of watching movies at a hall? Come on, you know the appeal of watching movies with friends and dear ones in a movie theatre. We make plans, we wait for each other near the hall, we search for popcorn and cola, and then we have a good time watching actors on the screen.

Don’t you miss the little exchange of words with others that you did while watching a movie in a hall? I know you miss all these. Mark my words, the movie theatres miss you too. They miss the laughter and the light noise you all create while watching a movie. The movie hall employees miss the way we all ask them about our sit numbers. They miss the way they guide us through the dark channels of the hall. Movies and movie halls are not only products that symbolize consumerism but they are the parts of our emotion too.

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