Reasons I Promote Theatre Therapy

Reasons I Promote Theatre Therapy

How i started

I kicked off my motorbike along with my fellow biker to spread the benefits of Theatre Therapy among those people who live at the remote mountainous corners. As an actor, I’ve garnered the love and support of movie goers and theatre buffs. The day I understood how influential an actor can be, I felt I can use my popularity in spreading the features and benefits of Theatre Therapy. Since then, I’ve been spreading awareness about the same.

In order to reach a larger number of people, I started for the far off China border via North Sikkim. I’ve always been a man with purpose and this time also, I started this journey to fulfill a noble purpose only.

Benefits of Theatre Therapy

Theatre therapy or Drama therapy is already a successful concept to many. It is a therapeutic process that has served as a healing element to a lot of people who feel timid because of their troubled past or disturbed mental health.Theatre therapy has turned absolutely beneficial to a lot of people. It offers boost to one’s personal growth.

In enhancing a person’s mental health as well, Theatre therapy works as an effective remedy.

It will never be an exaggeration if we state that Theatre therapy brings backs people to the normal flow of life from the dark parts of their lives.

Personal Benefit

I, myself, have gone through a surprising transformation in my life following Theatre therapy. In order to help out others I’ve formed “Kolahal Theatre Workshop”. The prime goal of this workshop however is to offer stage to people who feel distant from others being socially stigmatized.

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