Don’t ruin your first interview by creating this Mistake

Don’t ruin your first interview by creating this Mistake

The first job interview is always special. It helps either with a job or with a scope to get ready for the next one. However, preparing for the first interview is truly important.
There are some unwritten rules of facing an interview that you should follow to get your game one step ahead. Let’s get started.

Rule no. 1

To impress the interviewer, don’t mess with your style. Wear proper formal clothes so that you show that you care about your presence. Wear items that you are comfortable in and do not wear anything flashy.

Rule no. 2

Despite traveling long for the interview, you should smell good. Sprinkle a generous amount of perfume on your body. Don’t let body odor ruin your first impression.

Rule no. 3

Be a good listener. I know that you have your qualities and strengths to tell. But wait. Let the interviewer speak. Show him that you are attentive to him. Ask little questions in between. It will show that you have a genuine quality of probing to get better results.

Rule no. 4

Maintain eye contact. Even if you find the interviewer with a mood to grill you, then also you need to look into his eyes while conversing.

Rule no. 5

Don’t lose your smile. A smiling face never fails to create a positive impact. It will also show that you are confident enough to take on the questions from them. Stay thoroughly polite and careful about your hand gestures. Don’t forget to write me back your feedback.

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