What is Discipline? Why is it Important?

What is Discipline? Why is it Important?

If you go through the dictionary, you will find the collective meaning of the word “Discipline”. However, I think, the word finds different meanings from different people who practice it religiously.

I consider myself a disciplined man. To me, discipline is a set of positive habits that together, add meaning to each of my days. I never compromise with my habits and the timings fixed for them.

I wake up early each day and start getting things done. The most important thing I do every day, apart from exercising is to write my “to-do list”. I write down all the tasks of the day and strike them down one by one once I complete them accordingly.
I never skip my meals. Good food, I mean hygienic food is the fuel that lets me run throughout a day. Likewise, I maintain my sleep cycle pretty seriously. A solid 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for me to function every day.
But, before hitting the bed, I never forget to journal. This is a serious task for me as I register everything in it every day. The journal keeps a record of my active life and lets me get a self check done to get things done in a better way.
Sometimes, due to tight shooting schedules, my daily routine gets a bit scattered. But I try my best to maintain the same, for my betterment. If you are a disciplined person, then do not forget to share your thoughts with me in this regard.





  • its glad to know even today there are disciplined people like you exist.
    Being a Leo you ought to..after all you are the lion..
    Its lively to know that you write your activities daily.. Journaling is a fabulous habit.
    I am a disciplinarian person too being a teacher.
    For my students “D” means discipline as I have inculcated into them from the very first day.
    I raised up my daughters with the rules of life that is impossible without discipline.
    I, myself raised up with strict rules..
    But…its sad to see today’s generation who are in their teens or so, lack discipline .
    Parents play a great role inducing the good habits in their wards.
    I hear, people say “I have no time for this or that” or where is the time?
    I want to tell those people that God has given everybody # 24 hours equally ,its our call how to utilise it or cash it without any pretence.🤙🤟🤞🙋‍♀️
    #Nigel you are a perfect example.I watch your day routine.
    Great job you do. Perfect upbringing by your parents.
    That’s y I m a great fan of yours.


    Sapna chatterjee

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