Gifts You Can Gift Yourself This Year

Gifts You Can Gift Yourself This Year

Durga pujo is here, only a week to go, and the dhaakis will make the pujo pandals thumping with their beats.

Are you done shopping for yourself? You are? But have you thought of having the ultimate things for yourself in this festive season? Let me explain.


No matter how many dresses you have bought for yourself, if you don’t treat your body rightly, nothing will fit you suitably. Eat well and eat nutritious. Don’t consume things that can make you look bloated. Quit drinking and smoking. Tobacco and alcohol do nothing but harm you slowly.


Its not only about body and health only. To love yourself for real, you need to care for your mental health too. Keep yourself busy in tasks that you like doing. Get good or better at practicing your hobbies, read and write things that make you smile. Just don’t stop loving yourself.


I know you feel for others. This pujo, observe kids in the street who can never think of buying something for themselves. Just surprise as many of them as you can with at least one small that you can afford. This will bring pure smiles on their faces and those will be priceless.


We all have stories to share, good and bad. But we can still forget them on this festive season. No matter what you wear, don’t forget to wear your smile. That is the beauty which all of us carry with us.

You can write me back once you read this blog. I will be waiting.

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