Festivals are Important and so are Our Responsibilities

Festivals are Important and so are Our Responsibilities

Much awaited Durga Pujo, the biggest festival of Bengal is over. Almost all of us stayed home this pujo to avoid Corona virus. We felt sad for not being a part of the happy crowd, we felt low for not being able to see the goddess from a close proximity like we do every year.

But all of these were evident this year as we were all ready to fight the battle against the pandemic. It was our awareness and our responsible activities that made us successful in keeping the virus at bay.

Durga pujo is over but not the festive mood because, there are more festivals to come. Kali puja, Christmas and the winter picnics are on their way. However, to cease the pandemic, we have to resist ourselves this year from developing crowd at any cost.

Please don’t gather in groups on field to enjoy fire crackers. Stay at home and enjoy the days with your dear ones. Fire crackers are enjoyable at terrace also.

This year, it will be better if you don’t organise picnics at popular spots. The picnic spots are great crowd pullers in the winter but this can be fatal this year. Rather you can enjoy a feast with your dear ones at your home. And one more thing before I finish this blog, over the years I have been seeing a lot people enjoy torturing street animals using fire crackers. This activity not only is fatal for the stray animals but it also proves that those who practice this act are nothing but inhuman. Refrain from doing this heinous crime.




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