Post Lockdown Phase is All About Work

Post Lockdown Phase is All About Work

It was tough for all, once the first phase of lockdown was announced. All of a sudden, cleanliness became an agenda to all. People started caring about maintaining hygiene and health.
Kolkata Facility Management, being a professional cleaning service provider strived to offer best services possible to all its clients. But you know what, me and my company also came across troubled moments due to the Covid-19 attack.
Due to multiple reasons, some vital team mates of mine could not join the work. But I knew that, the kind of service KFM provides, is highly needed at this point of time.

Despite my super busy schedule, I made myself ready to join the hands of my employees. I did visit several sites with them to get the needful. From sanitizing huge commercial spaces to moderately spacious households, we have worked pouring our heart and soul for our clients.
I knew very well that it is not only about the clients but about my employees too. In order to keep the workflow smooth and flawless, I was sure to maintain safety measures for the well-being of all my staffs.
It is true that the lockdown is over but the fear of the virus is not. Hence, me and my employees are taking best care to keep the team active and to offer flawless services to all our clients.

From wearing proper PPE to practicing norms of the new normal, KFM employees are doing each and every bit to provide services that our valuable clients deserve. And somehow, its not only about professionalism but humanity that teaches us to stand by others’ side when its really needed.

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